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Refunds & Exchange

Braids of Africa is happy to provide a full refund (excluding shipping costs) or exchange on hair extensions and products that have not been opened or worn, and are returned to us in original packaging and condition. Please note, we are unable to offer any refunds or exchanges on hair extensions that have been already installed on your head due to hygiene guidelines.

Why Braids of Africa hair extensions are non-returnable if opened, installed and already used?

Human hair extensions are considered to be a hygienic product. Federal law prohibits the return of human hair products that have been used and that includes "trying them on". Please inspect your extensions thoroughly for colour, quality and texture before wearing them or trying them on. Used extensions cannot be returned for refund or exchange (no exceptions). Please read the return policy thoroughly before making your purchase.


Braids of Africa guarantees that we will replace any extensions that have naturally fallen out during the first week, on the condition that all the correct procedures have been followed, and that all the correct styling products have been used.

One point to remember is that human hair is real hair got from women all over the world but its dead hair because its been cut off its natural oils and nutrients so please don't expect to behave like normal hair without proper care and maintenance. 

Human Hair Extensions at Braids of Africa

We are often asked to price human hair extensions, and synthetic hair extensions, over the phone, unfortunately this is not possible as the work needed to achieve the desired result may vary enormously. We would ask you read this section carefully and contact us on the same day that you wish to have your consultation.

This consultation is Free of charge and will only take a few minutes.

If after the consultation you wish to proceed we will ask for a deposit of 25% of the quoted amount and a date we be set for your hair extensions appointment. For obvious reasons you must not change your hair colour between the consultation and the appointment. 

The quote you receive at your consultation is valid for one calendar month, the deposit is non returnable and is forfeit if the appointment is not kept for any reason.

Human & Synthetic Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used to increase length, thickness, or change colour and style. Human and Synthetic extensions, are an artificial hair substitute that look and feel like natural hair.

There are many hairstyles which can be created purely because of the nature of the synthetic hair such as braided, plaits, dreadlocks, sticks, puff-balls and more. 

Application of Hair extension

The hair extension is put in the hair by weaving,fusion,micro beads or tape

In the majority of cases when length or thickness is required we tend to leave the top section of hair free of extensions, this enables the seals to be covered by that section of hair.

The natural hair must be at least four inches long; the length of the natural hair also dictates the final length of the hair extensions 

Care of the Hair Extensions

 Having hair extensions is not like having naturally long or thick hair, they require a lot of looking after, this will undoubtedly mean more time and care than normal, If this commitment of time is not made then the extensions would not maintain the appearance of natural hair for very long, and therefore we would suggest that they are not for you. It is essential to condition your hair extensions, and is most important that this is done correctly.


Drying and styling the extensions will be harder than drying and styling your own hair, it is always best to let the hair extensions dry naturally but they do take a long time to dry this way. You can use a hair dryer on the extensions, but only on medium heat, using full heat on the hair extensions will damage them and make them frizzy at the ends. We do not recommend the use of straightening irons, tongs, crimpers, hot brushes, or in fact any styling method that uses directly applied heat. If the top section of the hair has no extensions it can be styled to conceal the seals.

Coloured Hair

If you have your hair coloured it is best to colour it before having the hair extensions done, and maintain that colour throughout the life of the hair extensions, as the extensions themselves cannot be coloured nor can they be permed.


Brushing the hair extensions should be done with a soft bristle brush when dry, again it is best to avoid the sealed areas close to the scalp. The extensions should be brushed at least once a day, this is done by taking a section of the extensions, holding them at the root area and brushing mid-length to ends.


The removal of hair extensions is fairly easy if they have been looked after, it is not necessary to cut your natural hair to remove the hair extensions, this can be done at home simply twist the heat seal of each extension. If required this process will be done at the salon for a small charge.

How Long Will Hair Extensions Last?

With the correct care the extensions will last for approximately three months, and should then be removed. During the life of the hair extensions a few may fall out, this is quite normal and will not detract from the look as we always place more than enough to compensate for this occurrence.

Pre –Braiding care

Caring for braids starts before you get the braids I have often braided people and their hair is just so dry and dirty and I think to myself should I really set up someones hair for disaster by braiding it while its in this state ?

Your hair will break even if its braided and this is evident after you unbraid your hair and half of it stays on the comb.

Wait at least 2 weeks after chemical treatments or relaxing your hair. Why? Because chemicals like relaxers and hair colors weaken the hair fiber. Applying tension to the hair while it is in this compromised state will ultimately lead to breakage.

You should always shampoo, deep condition and moisturize prior to getting braids.

A protein treatment is recommended especially if you are relaxed you cannot avoid this step.

Your braids should be secure but not too tight this is a very important point , I would rather lose a braid without my own hair attached to it than with my hair .

Don’t try to braid every single strand of hair around your hairline ,its way too delicate! Traction alopecia takes place when braids are applied too tightly. The tension on the hair will cause the root of the hair to be torn out that's very damaging .

After a while the follicle may stop functioning, resulting in no hair growth. This type of trauma is very common among women who braid their hair.

The effects of over tight braiding can usually be seen at the hairline, as it gradually begins to recede. Braiding tightly is often done to ensure that the hair stays neat.

Unfortunately in a desire to have a neat, long lasting hair style. The hair its self can end up being sacrificed. Don't be shy to tell your hairdresser to loosen the braids if they are pulling too tightly .

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